IU Health Arnett Clinic becomes Tier 1 lab provider for Purdue medical plans

March 26, 2012

IU Health Arnett Clinic has agreed to become a Tier 1 lab services provider for Purdue's medical plans effective March 15.

The clinic's participation as a Tier 1 lab services provider will apply only to labs drawn at IU Health Arnett Clinic doctor's offices or IU Health Arnett Clinic labs; it will not include labs drawn at IU Health Arnett Hospital or at an IU Health Arnett Urgent Care facility. 

Tier 1 lab services are provided to Purdue Incentive and Purdue Copay participants at the 100 percent benefit level.

Choice Fund with HSA medical plan participants pay nothing for preventive lab services at a Tier 1 lab. Although Choice Fund patients pay for diagnostic lab work at Tier 1 labs according to their plan's deductible and coinsurance arrangement, they will still benefit from the very cost-effective pricing offered by Tier 1 lab service providers. 

Arnett Clinic Tier 1 lab service locations are:

* U.S. Highway 231 South, Lafayette.
* 420 N. 26th St., Lafayette.
* 2600 Ferry St., Lafayette.
* 2800 Ferry St., Lafayette.
* 2600 Greenbush St., Lafayette.
* 1345 Unity Place, Suite 345, Lafayette.
* 915 Mezzanine Drive, Lafayette.
* 938 Mezzanine Drive, Lafayette.
* 904 South St., Lafayette.
* 2995 N. Salisbury St., West Lafayette.
* 651 Armory Road, Delphi.
* 203 N. Division St., Flora.
* 104 S. Howard St., Flora.
* 550 S. Hoke Ave., Frankfort.
* 810 S. Sixth St., Monticello.
* 407 N. Meadow St., Otterbein.
* 14 S. Plank St., Rossville.

For specific questions about participating locations, contact IU Health Arnett Clinic. Phone numbers for Arnett Clinic include 800-899-8448 and 765-448-8000.

IU Health Arnett Clinic joins LabCorp and Mid America (at Unity and at the State Street Office Facility) as Tier 1 lab providers serving the West Lafayette campus area.