Open enrollment for new long term care insurance runs March 19-April 30

March 8, 2012

Long term care insurance will be added to the Purdue benefits program effective May 1. An open enrollment for this new benefit will take place March 19-April 30.

Long term care insurance provides coverage when a person needs assistance with "activities of daily living" or ADLs. These include things such as eating, dressing and moving from a bed to a chair. The person may receive care in his or her own home or at a facility, such as an assisted living residence or a nursing home.

"Long term care insurance has been on the wish list for our voluntary benefits program for a number of years," says Susan Morgan Davis, a benefits manager in Human Resources.

In exploring long term care insurance, Davis worked with a Purdue task force, which recommended adding the benefit and choosing Genworth Life Insurance Company as the carrier.

"Genworth is a leader in the long term care insurance industry, offering financial stability, many years of experience and good pricing," Davis says.

The task force included representatives from the Faculty Compensation and Benefits Committee, APSAC (Administrative and Professional Staff Advisory Committee), CSSAC (Clerical and Service Staff Advisory Committee, Purdue Graduate Student Government and the regional campuses.

Guaranteed coverage for employees during initial open enrollment

Employees who meet the following qualifications are guaranteed to be accepted for long term care insurance coverage during this initial open enrollment period:
* Ages 18-79.
* Actively at work in a benefits-eligible Purdue position for 30 days prior to the coverage effective date.
* Have a Social Security number.
* Maintain a permanent U.S. residence.

Spouses and same-sex domestic partners ages 18-65 may apply for coverage during the initial March 19-April 30 open enrollment by completing a short-form underwriting application. Many additional individuals, including employees age 80 and older and family members and retirees up to age 79, may apply for coverage subject to full underwriting. Underwriting is the insurance industry's process for determining whether to provide insurance to someone who has applied for coverage.

Simple plan design with options for flexibility

Those who decide to enroll in long term care insurance will make the following choices:
* Monthly benefit level ($3,000, $4,500, $6,000 or $7,000).
* Number of years of benefit coverage (three years or five years).
* Inflation protection option.

Premiums will be based on the covered person's age at the time coverage begins and on the options selected.
Watch for more information at home and on campus when open enrollment begins on March 19. For questions, call 49-42222 or email