CSSAC considers award for clerical, service staff

February 27, 2012

The Clerical and Service Staff Advisory Committee at its Feb. 14 meeting voted to consider establishing an award for clerical and service staff at Purdue.

The decision came during a discussion about civility in the workplace. Gary Carter, vice chair of CSSAC, said representatives of CSSAC and the Administrative and Professional Staff Advisory Committee have talked about the issue, which was one of the topics discussed during their joint meeting in October.

Ebony Barrett-Kennedy, CSSAC chair, said leaders of the two groups are trying to "flesh out some of the ideas generated during the meeting."

Carter said workplace civility seems to tie into staff recognition.

"We're trying to find ways for the University to appreciate staff without seeking additional sources of funding," he said.

Carrie Hanson, CSSAC's facilitator from Human Resources, then suggested the group consider proposing an award for which only clerical and service staff are eligible. She volunteered to help write the proposal.

The representatives voted to approve a motion to appoint a subcommittee of Madonna Ritter, Melissa Schwartz and Betty Kroll that will investigate the proposal and report back to the committee.

In other business:

* The group received an update on the staff memorial service, which will be at 3 p.m. April 18 at the entrance to Loeb Playhouse in Stewart Center.

* The Purdue Employees Activity Program (PEAP) subcommittee reported that it is sponsoring a bus trip on May 19 to the Lincoln Park Zoo and Conservatory in Chicago. Three buses have been reserved for the trip, which will cost $20 per person and is open to all Purdue faculty and staff. More details, including how to make reservations for the trip, will be announced later.

* The Grants Subcommittee said three employees and 18 dependents of employees have applied for grants so far. March 1 is the deadline to apply for the grants, which help recipients attend classes at Purdue. More information and applications for the grants are available at www.purdue.edu/cssac.

* Members discussed possible topics to discuss with Al Diaz, executive vice president for business and finance, treasurer, during his visit with CSSAC on March 13.