Everyday Wellness: How to separate work stress from your personal life

February 16, 2012

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If a harried day at the office finds you wound up and irritable when you get home, take some time to decompress. Here are some recommendations that may help you keep distress in one area of life from spilling over into another.

* Read the newspaper, a magazine or a good book.
* Go through the mail.
* Listen to your favorite music.
* Tackle a project that needs to be done like cleaning part of a room or mowing the lawn.
* Share the ups and downs of the day with your spouse, children, a friend or a pet.
* Meditate.
* Take a few minutes to review the day and mentally plan for tomorrow. Then look forward to the evening.
* Get out of the house or find a quiet place in the house where you can do something special by yourself and for yourself.
* Take a brief nap, a leisurely walk, or a shower or bath.

How Purdue can help

WorkLife Programs offers Stress Relief and Reduction as a nine-week series designed to help participants learn how to deal with stressors and practice techniques to feel more energized. Participants will learn and practice deep breathing, guided imagery, yoga, meditation, qigong, progressive muscle relaxation, tai chi, aromatherapy and stretching/low-impact aerobics.

Stress Relief and Reduction will run on Wednesdays from March 21 through May 16. All classes will meet from 12:10 to 12:50 p.m, and location will vary by date.

Register for the entire program or only the sessions of interest at www.purdue.edu/worklife or by calling 49-45461. To view all session topics, log in with career account and password at www.purdue.edu/worklife.