New University Policies website

November 28, 2011

University Policies has a new website with a new layout and numbering system. The website address (URL) for the home page is the same (, but all lower-level pages within the site have new URLs.

In order to prevent broken links, any attempts to access an old page will be redirected to the new home page. However, department websites that currently contain links to specific University policies may prefer to update their websites so they link directly to the policies in their new location.

The new website organizes policies into eight volumes (instead of the previous 10), which are listed in the site's top navigation. Because of this reorganization, the policy numbers have changed and a crossover grid is posted on the new site to show the old and new numbers of each policy. Executive memoranda maintain their existing numbers.

Any questions regarding the new website can be directed to the University Policy Office at or 49-46373.