Online tool calculates difference between 2011 and 2012 medical plan premiums

November 7, 2011
Human Resources has introduced a new online tool to calculate an employee's medical premium increase or decrease for 2012, depending on the medical plan option the employee chooses.
The employee will select his or her salary from a drop-down box, and then choose a 2011 and 2012 medical plan combination. The calculator will show the premium difference between the two plans in both a dollar amount and a percentage. The calculator is at
Using the calculator, the employee will be able to gather helpful information, such as that in the following example of an employee earning under $44,000 who has had family coverage with the Copay Plan for 2011:
* The employee has paid $1,625 for family coverage under the Copay Plan in 2011.
* Family coverage under the Copay Plan would cost this employee $2,113 in 2012 ($488 more than 2011).
* Family coverage under the Incentive Plan for 2012 would cost this employee $1,049 ($576 less than the employee paid for the 2011 Copay Plan).
"While premium is not the only factor to consider when choosing a medical plan, it is an important one," says Becky Gutwein, medical benefits manager in Human Resources. "The calculator gives faculty and staff an easy way to see how their premium would be affected based on the plan they choose."
Open enrollment ends at midnight on Nov. 24.
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