Span Plan offering need-based grants for adult nontraditional students and staff

November 4, 2011

Span Plan Adult Student Services is offering educational grants for part-time (three to seven credits in the spring) adult nontraditional students and staff taking classes at Purdue West Lafayette or Purdue's College of Technology Lafayette campus. The application deadline is Dec. 1.

The final selection criterion is the level of financial need. Applicants must have a 2011-12 FAFSA on file in order for need to be evaluated by the Division of Financial Aid. Applicants should be mindful to read the application carefully and follow all of the instructions on the online application.

The grant awards $1,000 for students from the public and $450 for those eligible for staff fee remission.

To apply, go to the Span Plan services link at and read through the information.

Applicants must have a Purdue login in order to apply for the grant. When logging into the application website, applicants may need to put onepurdue\ in front of their user name. The password is the same as the one used to access myPurdue or the applicant's career account. Only online applications will be accepted.

There is an FAQ link available. For more information, call the Span Plan Adult Student Services office at 49-41254 or email