Print & Poster Exchange to offer fresh decor

October 5, 2011

The annual Print & Poster Exchange from the University Visual Arts Committee, offered free to faculty and staff, is set for Monday and Tuesday (Oct. 10-11) with leftovers on Wednesday.

Every fall, this program dresses campus walls in new color, mood, even century. Offices and conference rooms, even labs, across campus display artworks from UVAC, which owns almost 6,000 prints and posters.

The schedule starts with a "first chance" session for donors -- donations can be of modest dollar amounts -- at 10 a.m.-noon Monday. Trading sessions for those currently borrowing, one item for one item, are Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. A new loan session for starting or adding to borrowings is Tuesday afternoon. Wedneday morning's "Eek! Leftovers" offers one more chance.

The exchange is in Pao Hall's Patti and Rusty Rueff Galleries. Details of schedule and procedure are at

The University Visual Arts Committee also is involved in Art in the Classroom and placement of sculptures on campus, as well as services to departments or offices wishing to acquire artwork. The committee appreciates support of its mission.