Riding CityBus is free with ID for faculty, staff

October 5, 2011
CityBus offers free rides to Purdue faculty and staff throughout campus, Lafayette, and West Lafayette on 23 routes. This program is funded by Purdue as a cost-savings benefit to employees, who can save hundreds or thousands of dollars in parking and car ownership costs per year.
To ride at no cost, Purdue faculty and staff simply need to get on the bus and show their valid Purdue ID to the driver. This is true whether the ride is across campus, on the trolley downtown for lunch or commuting to and from work.
CityBus has created a website to help people understand the transit system and get around on CityBus. At this GetOnCityBus site, visitors can learn more about how to ride, why ride and where to ride. They will find free travel training, highlighted routes of the week, restaurant discounts of the week, interactive quizzes and where to go for lunch.  
CityBus has begun a fall promotion with the slogan "It's easy to get on the bus" to emphasize the personal and environmental benefits of riding the bus. The savings come in the areas of money, stress and often time. The free ride benefit for Purdue employees is in effect on weekends, too.