Fidelity offering two more workshops this week

October 3, 2011

Fidelity has announced two additional workshops for Purdue faculty and staff during the first week of October. Advance registration is not required.
Oct. 4 (Tu) -- 9 a.m., Beering Hall, Room 2275
Designing Your Financial Roadmap will provide guidance and strategies to help employees achieve their financial goals.

* Design a financial road map to help achieve savings goals.
* Look at different ways to save for retirement.
* Identify the other financial goals that are part of an individual's plan.
* Learn how to help protect savings for the future.
* Explore the tools and resources available from Fidelity.

Oct. 7 (F) -- 2:30 p.m., Ford Dining Court
Getting on the Right Path with Your Workplace Savings Plan will provide the guidance needed to:

* Understand the many advantages of saving through the workplace.
* Find money to save for the future.
* Create a budget and manage debt.
* Simplify finances for easier account management.
* Set goals and develop a plan to reach them.