Wellhead protection area notices to be sent to property owners and leaseholders

August 30, 011

The water supplied to the Purdue University campus community is sourced from high-quality groundwater pumped from a series of wells located on the West Lafayette campus. Because Purdue is a public water supply operator, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) requires the University to notify property owners and leaseholders in the land area that overlies the groundwater supply that they are located in a "wellhead protection area," an area where extra caution must be taken to guard against groundwater contamination.

During the next few days, area property owners and leaseholders will receive a wellhead protection area notice via U.S. mail. The explanatory letter, notice and map included in the mailing are being provided solely for informational and educational purposes in compliance with IDEM requirements, and no response is necessary.

Anyone with questions or concerns about the wellhead protection area and/or associated notice may contact Robin Ridgway, director of environmental health and safety regulatory compliance, at 765-496-6405 or rmridgway@purdue.edu.