www.myCIGNA.com. "> CIGNA introduces redesigned website today

CIGNA introduces redesigned website today

June 23, 2011

CIGNA has revamped its myCIGNA.com website with an eye toward improving the user experience. The redesigned site debuts today at www.myCIGNA.com.

Customized and completely secure, myCIGNA.com gives Purdue faculty and staff immediate access to their personalized CIGNA information. A mobile service for smartphones is also available.  

The redesigned site makes it easier to find a doctor, search claim activity and check the status of coverage.
CIGNA also promises quick and easy access to tools and resources conveniently placed throughout the site.

Resources will help Purdue employees with a number of tasks, including:
* Managing and tracking personal health through a health assessment.
* Maintaining a personal health record.

To encourage users to share their thoughts and suggestions, CIGNA has included a feedback link on each page of the site. CIGNA will also track Web trends and activity to find opportunities for ongoing improvements.

To view an introductory video, go to www.cigna.com/sites/myCIGNA_communications/myCIGNA_2011_FINAL.wmv.

For a site tour, visit www.cigna.com/sites/myCIGNA_communications/sitetour/iframe_siteTour.html.