Human Resources gathering customer feedback to improve service

June 6, 2011

Human Resources has created a customer feedback survey to assist in improving its service.

"In HR, we want to deliver proactive, efficient and customer-focused service," says Luis Lewin, vice president for human resources. "To help move us toward that goal, we have developed a survey to gather customer feedback."
HR will use the survey as a follow-up tool upon completion of specific projects and assignments and will display a link to the survey on the HR website, making it readily available to all customers at any time. 

Lewin and his HR leadership team will review survey results each quarter or more frequently. Each director will receive a report to discuss with his or her staff members. "Analyzing faculty and staff input to improve customer service will be an ongoing effort -- a part of HR's normal business practice," Lewin says.

The feedback survey is available now through the "How Are We Doing?" link in the Resources section that runs at the bottom of pages throughout HR's website and directly at