APSAC grants awarded to 22 Purdue employees

May 4, 2011

APSAC has awarded individual professional development grants to 22 administrative and professional staff members.
Grants up to $750 are awarded twice a year. APSAC awarded a total of $14,843.40 for its spring 2011 grants. APSAC's Professional Development Subcommittee chose the winners from 55 applicants.

Fall applications are due on Oct. 1. The online application will be available mid-August on the APSAC webpage. Information about the process is at www.purdue.edu/apsac/Subcommittees/grantgeneral.htm.

Grant recipients, and the areas in which they work, are:

* Carolyn Foley, Forestry and Natural Resources.
* Julie Nagel, Oncological Sciences Center.
* S Katherine Braz, University Residences.
* Charles Watkinson, University Press.
* Chris Nasti, Division of Recreational Sports.
* James Henderson, Biochemistry.
* Pam Phegley, Veterinary Technology.
* Charles R Thomas, Mechanical Engineering Technology.
* Kathryn Walters, Conference Division.
* Janis Thornton, Business Services Training and Communication Center.
* Melissa Montague Shepson, Entomology.
* Laura Palmer, Purdue Extension.
* Charles Armstrong, Agricultural and Biological Engineering.
* Michelle Williams, Division of Recreational Sports.
* Omar Diaz, Latino Cultural Center.
* Andrea McIntyre, Discovery Park.
* Linnette C. Good, Science Diversity Office.
* Vickie J. Hadley, CFCS, Agriculture Field Extension.
* Jennifer Montgomery, Veterinary Clinical Sciences.
* Jamie Schoenbeck Walsh, School of Veterinary Medicine Administration.
* Amy Schott, Cooperative Extension Service.
* LuAnn Keyton, Technical Assistance Program.