Background check policy to take effect May 1

April 29, 2011

The new University-wide Background Check Policy goes into effect on May 1. All faculty and staff positions posted on or after that date will be subject to the policy.

The Background Check Policy and process for staff positions are available online. The policy is at, and the process for staff positions is at

Criminal history and sexual offender registry checks are required for all new hires. On the West Lafayette campus, these checks will be paid for from a central account managed by the Office of the Vice President for Human Resources. There will be no cost to the department for the above background checks.

Additional checks, such as verification for education and certifications, as well as credit history checks, may be required based upon job responsibilities. Positions with the same or similar job responsibilities will require the same or similar background checks. On the West Lafayette campus, these additional checks will be paid for by the hiring department. On each campus, Human Resources is available to assist in coordinating the background check process. The schedule of fees is available online at

Purdue’s vendor contact specifies that a background check will take less than three business days or 72 hours. The background check will not limit a department’s ability to make an offer of employment or a candidate’s hire date.

When a finding adversely impacts employment eligibility, the candidate will be notified and may be withdrawn from employment consideration only after Human Resources and the senior leader consult on the matter.

Regional campus chancellors will establish procedures for their specific campus.

Questions about the policy should be directed to Brenda Coulson at 49-40603 or