Celebration recognizes graduate students' teaching excellence

April 27, 2011

The annual Celebration of Graduate Student Teaching Excellence on Tuesday (April 26) included the presentation of numerous awards to graduate students.
The following awards were presented:

* The Graduate School Excellence in Teaching Award is the highest honor presented by the University in recognition of graduate student teachers. Graduate students selected for this award must have demonstrated excellence in teaching and mentoring at the undergraduate and/or graduate level and be past recipients of the Committee for the Education of Teaching Assistants Teaching Award. In addition, recipients should have accomplishments in service/outreach and scholarly publications.
This year's recipients are Inna Abramova, curriculum and instruction; Patrick Brunese, industrial engineering; Cody Chullen, management; and Lisa Hanasono, communication.

* The Center for Instructional Excellence's Advanced Graduate Teacher Certificate reflects a recipient’s high commitment to excellence in teaching. To receive the certificate, a student must teach a course for at least four semesters, complete a three-credit course on college teaching or 18 hours of workshops on college teaching, mentor another graduate teaching assistant for at least one semester, be mentored by a faculty member for at least one semester, conduct research on teaching and learning, incorporate technology in the classroom, construct a teaching portfolio and participate in discipline-based service or service in the community.
This year's recipients are Christos Deligkaris, physics; Cheryl O'Brien, political science; and Ajith Rajapaksha, physics.

* The Class of 1922 Helping Students Learn Award was created to improve the educational experiences of Purdue students and to recognize those who develop innovative advancements in teaching. All Purdue faculty, staff and graduate students who have developed innovative techniques to help students learn are eligible for consideration.
This year's recipient is Erica Morin, history.

* Committee for the Education of Teaching Assistants Excellence in Teaching Award recipients are selected by each academic department for their commitment to undergraduate education. Departments may select one recipient for every 50 graduate teaching assistants they support.
This year's recipients are:
Sanghyung Ahn, construction engineering and management.
Pelin Angin, computer science.
Kyle Bailey, agricultural and biological engineering.
B. Suzanne Beard, biological sciences.
Kathy Berlin, health and kinesiology.
Samuel Bertsch, electrical and computer engineering technology.
Abigail Borron, youth development and agricultural education.
Nadine Bruns, nursing.
Christopher Carrier, aviation technology.
Kevin Chaput, materials engineering.
Adrien Chauvet, physics.
Jit-Tat Chen, engineering education.
Xiaojun Chen, curriculum and instruction.
Shweta Chopra, technology, leadership and innovation.
Matthew Dabros, political science.
Varenya Kumar Duvvuru Mohan, civil engineering.
Cristyn Elder, English.
Josep Ernest, electrical and computer engineering.
Fatima Esseili, oral English proficiency program.
Trisha Eustaquio, biomedical engineering.
Amanda Fry, visual and performing arts.
Esteban Garcia, computer graphics technology.
Dustin Hillman, chemistry.
Laura Hirshfield, chemical engineering.
Eric Holt, building construction management.
Kimberly Hoogewind, earth and atmospheric sciences.
John Houston, philosophy.
Junko Ikeda Schwartzman, foreign languages and literatures.
Daniel Jamieson, chemistry.
Swaathi Jayaraman, biological sciences.
Ryan Jennings, comparative pathobiology.
Kevin Kerian, chemistry.
Amanda Kinzel, mathematics.
Crystal Kirgiss, English.
Dina Krasikova, psychological sciences.
Bum Chul Kwon, industrial engineering.
Ryan Sangjun Lee, mechanical engineering.
Rebecca Lipasek, food science.
Jaimeen Majmudar, medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology.
Andrew Ross Martin Smith, history.
Kimberly McDole, basic medical sciences.
Brittany Melton, pharmacy practice.
Amanda Micheel, hospitality and tourism management.
Daniel Miller, speech, language and hearing sciences.
Masakazu Mishima, English.
Kevin Mugo, mathematics.
David Norris, mathematics.
Michaela Null, women's studies.
Li Fang Pan, industrial and physical pharmacy.
L. Ryan Plis, anthropology.
Christiane Pottmeyer-Gerber, foreign languages and literatures.
Ajith Rajapaksha, physics.
Kapil Raje, entomology.
Craig Schluttenhofer, botany and plant pathology.
Jessica Schoenherr, biochemistry.
Katie Schultz, economics.
Stella Setka, English.
Jordan Shurr, educational studies.
Gabriel Sosa, mathematics.
Jason Stanfield, management.
David Sutherland, electrical and computer engineering.
Craig Titus, engineering projects in community service.
Ned Troxel, mechanical engineering.
Nicholas Turiano, child development and family studies.
Buffy Turner, comparative literature.
Anna Verseman, agronomy.
Vanessa Von Hendy-Willson, veterinary clinical sciences.
Yong Wang, statistics.
Patric Ward, agricultural economics.
Renate Weizbauer, horticulture and landscape architecture.
Elizabeth Williams, communication.
Shae Williams, aeronautics and astronautics.
Robert Yale, communication.
Craig A. Zehrung, mechanical engineering technology.
Yang Zhang, chemistry.

* CIE's Graduate Teaching Certificate reflects a recipient’s commitment to excellence in teaching. To receive the certificate, a student must have taught a minimum of two semester-long classes, participated in a teaching orientation program, participated in a minimum of six hours of continuous improvement sessions focused on teaching, have incorporated assessment and evaluation into the courses taught, and been observed or videotaped while teaching followed by consultative feedback.
This year's recipient are:
Stephanie Adams, organizational leadership and supervision.
Christopher Arnold, English.
Ager Gondra Astigarraga, foreign languages and literatures.
Misak Avetisyan, economics.
Patrick Brunese, industrial engineering.
Mario Chard, English.
Christopher Jon Currey, horticulture and landscape architecture.
Ashlie Delshad, political science.
Hazem Elmeleegy, computer science.
Jessica Ann Espy, chemistry.
Craig R. Everett, management.
Christiane Fontinha de Alcantara, foreign languages and literatures.
Amanda Fry, art and design.
James Anthony Gleason, political science.
S. Duane Hansen, management.
Nathaniel Hartmann, consumer sciences and retailing.
Matthew Hashim, management.
Lauren Herbers, communication.
Juan Herrera, earth and atmospheric sciences.
Theon Edward Hill, communication.
Rebecca Ivic, communication.
Swaathi Jayaraman, biological sciences.
Kyle Ellis Jones, anthropology.
Anas Kaakeh, foreign languages and literatures.
Kinga Volkan Kacso, English.
Margaret McCahon Kalcic, agronomy.
Michael Kirkpatrick, computer science.
Ting Lu, child development and family studies.
Pamela Morris, communication.
Robert Craig Morris, sociology.
Patricia North, communication.
Marwa Noureldin, pharmacy practice.
Anna Victoria Ortiz, communication.
Jing Pan, building construction management.
Jean-Loup Rault, animal sciences.
Carrie G. Read, chemistry.
Samantha S. Shoaf, agronomy.
Kosuke Tamura, health and kinesiology.
Zeynep Tanes, communication.
Courtney L. Thompson, African American studies.
Meng-Fang Tsai, educational studies.
Ozgur Unal, physics.
Corrie Marie Whisner, foods and nutrition.
Lei Zhang, mathematics.