Group online subscription now available to 'The Teaching Professor'

April 6, 2011

Faculty and staff have free access to "The Teaching Professor" newsletter through a group online subscription purchased by the Center for Instructional Excellence.
Edited by respected scholar and expert Maryellen Weimer, professor emerita of speech communication at Penn State Berks, The Teaching Professor from Magna Publications is a forum for discussion of the best strategies supported by the latest research for effective teaching in the college classroom.
The Teaching Professor focuses on such subjects as student-centered learning, mentoring new and adjunct faculty, overcoming student apathy, energizing and re-inspiring experienced faculty, integrating new technology and responding to course evaluations and feedback.

Recent topics covered include "Large Classes: Approaches Taken in One Discipline," "The Virtues of Restraint in Education, or Why I Refuse Student E-mails," "A Brain-Friendly Environment for Learning." "More Discussion, Less Lecture; Mistaken Assumptions That Mislead Beginning Teachers," and "Making Cell Phones in Class a Community Builder."
To create a new account:
* Contact CIE at 49-66422 or to receive the authorization code.
* Go to
* Select "Click Here" in the red box that appears to the left of "What's a Group Online Subscription?" This will take you to the "My Account" page.
* Select the "Create an Account" link.
* Complete all fields in the "Required Information" section then click the "Create Account" button. You will be redirected to the "My Account" page.
* Click on the "Group Subscriptions" tab at the top right of the page.
* In the red box, enter the authorization code provided by CIE.
* Select "Activate" to become a registered subscriber..
Those interested in accessing the group subscription only need to enter the authorization code once. Subscribers then will access the subscription by logging in using their email address and password. Authorization codes should not be shared with anyone outside the campus community.
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The email notification delivers the current issue to your inbox; click the linked articles for instant access.
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