Finalists named for dean of the College of Technology position

March 17, 2011

Five candidates for the position of dean of the College of Technology will present public seminars in late March and early April.

The seminars will take place in Stewart Center, Fowler Hall, at the following times and dates:
* Wednesday (March 23). 9-10 a.m. Gary Bertoline, associate dean for graduate programs, interim department head for Industrial Technology and Organizational Leadership and Supervision, and Distinguished Professor of Computer Graphics Technology, College of Technology, Purdue University.
 * March 28 (M). 9-10 a.m. Mark Pagano, dean of Continuing Education and Conferences, Purdue University.
* March 31 (Th). 9-10 a.m. Tom Erekson, dean of the College of Business and Technology, Western Illinois University.

* April 4 (M). 9-10 a.m. Keith Moo-Young,  dean of the College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology, California State University, Los Angeles.

* April 11 (M). 9-10 a.m. Melissa Dark, associate dean for strategic planning and research, College of Technology, Purdue University. 
All faculty, staff and students are encouraged to attend the seminars.

The seminars will be webcast and archived via a link on the College of Technology website at The site also includes candidate credentials and  feedback forms.