Reminder: Pay practices during snow recess

February 3, 2011

During periods of adverse weather, the normal operations of the University may be modified or curtailed. Under severe conditions, either a snow recess or a severe weather emergency may be declared for the West Lafayette campus, and special policies and procedures dealing with parking, pay, and/or attendance will become effective.

The University declared Tuesday (Feb. 1) and Wednesday (Feb. 2) as snow recess days. Therefore, the following pay practices apply:

* Regular clerical/service and operations/technical assistants who do not report to work during a snow recess will receive regular pay for all normally scheduled hours not worked due to the snow recess. Time will be recorded as “Other Leave (With Pay)” on the Attendance Record (Business Office Form No. 1423).

* Employees required to work will be paid at the regular rate plus time-and-one-half for all hours worked during the snow recess. This time will be recorded as “Worked-Regular” and “Overtime” on the Attendance Record.

* Exempt, administrative/professional staff members will receive regular pay during the snow recess.

These policies and procedures are detailed in Executive Memorandum No. C-35, titled “Policy Relating to Adverse Weather Conditions - West Lafayette Campus," dated Dec. 12, 1994.

Address any questions regarding snow recess pay practices to Pam Nesbitt at 49-41185.