WorkLife Programs offerings have new focus in 2011

January 10, 2011

WorkLife Programs will offer many new courses in 2011. Offerings will center on prevention and chronic conditions, work-life balance, parent/family relationships, emotional health and well-being, the aging boomers and financial health.

Caring for dependents

* Temperaments: Fearful, Flexible or Feisty?
Jan. 20 -- 12:10-12:50 p.m., WorkLife Programs (PWF), Purdue West Shopping Plaza, 1402 W. State St.
With so many types of temperaments, all children react uniquely to the world around them. Participants will discover the nine temperamental traits that represent one's natural tendency to respond, regardless of age.

Financial support

* Life Happens
Jan. 19 -- 12:10-12:50 p.m. Stewart Center, Room 320.
Expect to have unexpected expenses. Participants will learn how to lessen their stress and be prepared for whatever comes their way.

Health and wellness

* Transform Your Health Habits
Wednesdays, Jan. 19-Apr. 6 -- 12:10-12:50 p.m. Stewart Center, Room 318,  and various locations.
Are you ready to begin the new year with fresh determination to make lasting changes? These 12 classes will focus on how changing several small behaviors can have a big impact on health. Participants will learn key habits to improve their health by talking to experts about fitness, nutrition, stress, and more. Each class will feature 30 minutes of instruction, followed by small group discussions designed to let participants trade tips on how best to implement these practical strategies into busy lifestyles. Experts in nutrition, prevention strategies, health enhancement, fitness, cancer, dental health, stress and pharmacy will present.

* Dining with Diabetes
Mondays, Jan. 31-March 7 -- 4:30-6:30 p.m. Stone Hall, Room 232.
WorkLife Programs and Purdue Extension combine for a positive and proactive team approach to help manage diabetes. This six-week series provides weekly interactive food preparation demonstrations, tastings, and opportunities to participate actively in self-management skills and techniques. Sessions include information about snacks, carbohydrates and sweeteners, fats and sodium, and vitamins and fiber, along with food preparation of snacks, desserts, main dishes and side dishes. Another session is planned for glucometers and diabetes medication updates. Each participant will receive a binder with information and recipes. Whether you or a family member has diabetes, plan on attending this friendly nutrition education series that takes today's busy lifestyle into consideration.

* Mindful Eating
Jan. 19 -- 12:10-12:50 p.m. Stewart Center, Room 318.
We eat for various reasons, but we also live in an environment that encourages us to eat. What we don't always comprehend is when to stop eating. Mindful eaters learn how to eat slowly, are satisfied with fewer calories and develop an improved attitude and appreciation for food. Want to become a mindful eater? The session will feature a discussion on how we are often tricked by our environment into eating more than we intend to, along with a demonstration on how to eat mindfully. Chocolate will be served. The class will feature 30 minutes of instruction, followed by small group discussions designed to let participants trade tips on how to best implement these practical strategies into busy lifestyles.

* Eating Out
Jan. 26 -- 12:10-12:50 p.m. Stewart Center, Room 318.
Let's face it: Eating out has become a fact of life in our busy society, and sometimes we just can't avoid it. However, knowing that more than a third of our calories -- and 40 percent of the fat we consume -- come from restaurant foods, do we still want to have it our way? This session will feature lively discussion about eating out as participants do some "comparison" shopping and discuss the plans and strategies necessary for navigating the food jungle away from home. Each participant will receive a brochure on the nutrient values of popular food choices. The class will begin with 30 minutes of instruction, followed by small group discussions geared toward allowing participants to share ideas on the best ways to work these how-to strategies into their everyday lives.

* Weight Watchers at Work
Session I: Tuesdays, Jan. 11-Mar. 29 -- Noon-1 p.m. Grissom Hall, Room 280, and various locations.
Session II: Thursdays, Jan. 27-Apr. 14 -- Noon-1 p.m. Physics Building, Room 298.
For those looking either to achieve significant, long-term weight loss or just to shed a few pounds, Weight Watchers at Work can help effect a lifestyle change to assist with that goal. If a participant's Body Mass Index (BMI) is over 25, WorkLife Programs will pay for half of the $144 class fee if participants attend 11 of 12 meetings. Participants are eligible for only two of these incentive rounds in their lifetime. More sessions of Weight Watchers at Work will be scheduled on campus throughout the year; vouchers for community meetings also are available.

To register for these or other offerings, go to and log in with your career account and password, or call WorkLife Programs at 49-45461.

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