Guidelines and FAQs help employees and supervisors record overtime and callback pay properly

December 20, 2010

The Payroll and Human Resources departments have created documents to help hourly paid staff and their supervisors understand how to complete timecards in keeping with overtime and callback pay changes that will take effect Jan. 3.

The Guidelines for Recording Overtime on Timecards and the Overtime and Callback Pay FAQs are located on the Payroll website under the Time Management tab and on the HR-Compensation website under the Compensation Resources tab.

A recent LeadingEdition article provides information about the changes and a link to the updated policy. The changes are being implemented as a recurring cost savings option, as identified by the Sustaining New Synergies initiative, and are in keeping with the Fair Labor Standards Act.

For questions about the policy changes, contact the appropriate Human Resources office:

* Human Resources: Compensation -- 765-494-0097
* Human Resources: Housing and Food Services -- 765-494-9418
* Human Resources: ITaP -- 765-496-2266
* Human Resources: Physical Facilities -- 765-494-1421

For questions regarding the timecard, contact