Successful benefits enrollment complete; now watch for ID cards

December 20, 2010

Purdue's new online benefits system logged nearly 10,400 unique users during this year's annual open enrollment.

"With an overall good response and minimal glitches, we're very pleased with the success of the rollout," says John Beelke, director of Staff Benefits.

Employees will use the new online system throughout the year to manage any changes in family status they may experience. In addition, employees may log into the system at any time for a confirmation report of their benefit coverages. 

ID cards for 2011

CIGNA will be issuing new ID cards to all employees covered in a Purdue medical plan for 2011. CIGNA will mail the cards around Dec. 21. For prescription drug coverage, Medco will issue an ID card to only new enrollees in the Purdue Incentive and Purdue Copay plans, including any new dependents in these plans.

Debit cards for flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts are good for three years, so only new enrollees in these benefits will receive a debit card this year. 

Medical plan enrollment

Enrollment in both the Purdue Choice Fund and the Purdue Copay medical plans increased for 2011.

* Purdue Choice Fund -- 2010 enrollment: 1,031; 2011 enrollment: 1,120.

* Purdue Copay -- 2010 enrollment: 6,096; 2011 enrollment: 6,180.

* Purdue Incentive -- 2010 enrollment: 4,071;  2011 enrollment: 4,015.