Workplace Violence Awareness workshop scheduled

December 16, 2010

A Workplace Violence Awareness Workshop will be offered Jan. 6. This training session covers a variety of factors under the theme "Awareness, Prevention, Survival."

The workshop uses audience participation, computer-generated graphics, sound effects, and video. Many past attendees have expressed views that the workshop is informative, useful and engaging. Content includes:

* Observable behaviors of concern, defining threat, classifying the risk, our response vs. our responsibility.
* Developing awareness for the potential of violence in the workplace.
* Recognizing the early warning signs of a potentially violent person or situation.
* Identifying and classifying behaviors of increased risk.
* Handling confrontational individuals.
* Advanced shelter in place: survival techniques.
* Identifying nonverbal communication skills.
The Workplace Violence Awareness Workshop is a cooperative training effort by Physical Facilities Training, the Purdue Police Department, and the Campus Emergency Preparedness and Planning Office. The facilitator is Dan Larson, a 26-year police veteran and now training specialist in Physical Facilities.

The workshop will be at 1-5 p.m. in Room 1142, Lawson Computer Science Building. It is open to Purdue faculty, staff and students. A recently added feature is the availability of closed captioning and a sign language interpreter upon request.

Among comments from employees who have taken the workshop in recent months are phrases such as "kept everyone's interest," "group participation made the workshop enjoyable" and effective,  and "I have rethought several safety plans" based on what it teaches. Attendees say they appreciate its lighter moments in treating an intense subject, and many recommend it for anyone at Purdue.

Pre-registration is required and the class size is limited. To register online, go to, then select the "Purdue Log In" (not Friends).

Alternative ways to register for Jan. 6 are by contacting Larson at 49-61064 (leave message with full name) or Phone and e-mail registrations are subject to seating availability.