Purdue outlines work, pay procedures for winter weather situations

December 10, 2010

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When serious winter weather hits, the West Lafayette campus relies on special policies and procedures to guide decisions about being at work and getting paid.

Only the Purdue president -- or in her absence, the vice president for academic affairs and provost and the executive vice president for business and finance, treasurer jointly -- may decide whether to activate these policies based on the winter weather situation. Statements by other Purdue employees including supervisors, or by civil authorities, are unauthorized.

Normal work procedures continue unless Purdue declares a "snow recess."

When a snow recess is declared, most staff will be asked to leave the University or not report for work until further notice. Some essential personnel, as designated by their departments, will be required to stay on campus for all or part of the snow recess to ensure the continuing operation of the University. Employees who are unsure if they are designated as essential personnel should confirm their status with their supervisor.

In a snow recess, regular clerical and service and operations/ technical assistants who do not report for work will receive regular pay for all normally scheduled hours not worked due to the recess. Hourly employees required to work are paid at the regular rate plus time and one-half for all hours worked during the recess.

For other weather situations, Purdue may declare a weather status called "severe weather emergency" — suspending classes to protect students from extended walks in existing or predicted low temperatures and wind chills.

However, a severe weather emergency does not change work schedules of employees. Those who can report to work safely should do so. Those who do not report to work must use vacation, personal holiday or leave without pay for time missed.

After an unusually heavy snowfall, severe drifting, or when either of the foregoing is certain and imminent, Purdue may declare a "snow emergency." An employee who is absent from work, arrives late, or leaves early during a snow emergency may use vacation, unpaid leave, or the personal holiday day, with approval from his or her supervisor.

If a snow recess, snow emergency, or severe weather emergency is declared, pertinent information will be sent to the Purdue e-mail accounts of faculty, staff, and students and also will be posted on the University's home page and to the "Purdue Emergency Notification" Facebook group. In addition, all local media will be informed.

During adverse weather conditions, civil authorities may call a snow emergency, which limits travel to emergency personnel. Employees who live outside Tippecanoe County and cannot travel to work due to a snow emergency in their county of residence or in a county that is on their drive to work may use vacation, personal holiday or leave without pay for time missed.

The "Policy Relating to Adverse Weather Conditions — West Lafayette" (C-35) is at www.purdue.edu/policies/west_lafayette/c_35.shtml.

The procedure for "Pay Practice for Adverse Weather Conditions" is at www.purdue.edu/hr/Compensation/pweather.html.

More information

* Purdue home page for information on closings or weather emergencies: www.purdue.edu.

* The Purdue weather page provides links to a wind chill chart, maps of campus tunnels, CityBus routes and more. The weather page can be found at www.purdue.edu/newsroom/health_safety/weather.html.

Where to ask (West Lafayette)
*  Human Resources: Compensation, 49-40097.

*  Advancement: Human Resources Manager, 49-40542.

*  ITaP: Human Resources Team, 49-62266.

*  Housing and Food Services: Human Resources Team, 49-49418.

*  Physical Facilities: Human Resources Team, 49-41421.