Changes to overtime and callback pay policy take effect Jan. 3

November 30, 2010

Changes to Purdue's overtime and callback pay policy will go into effect Jan. 3. The changes are being implemented as a recurring cost savings option, as identified by the Sustaining New Synergies initiative, and are in keeping with the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Overtime pay
Under the policy change, non-exempt employees will be paid overtime for all hours in paid status in excess of 40 hours in any single workweek. Overtime will no longer apply to hours in paid status in excess of eight hours a day.

Callback pay
Non-exempt, benefits-eligible employees will receive callback pay when, after leaving a scheduled work shift, the employee is required to return to the workplace outside of the employee's normal work schedule. Callback pay does not apply when extra work has been scheduled in advance or when employees are asked to extend their regular work shifts (either to stay past the end of the shift or to report to work early).

Callback pay will equal two hours of the employee's regular pay. In addition to receiving the callback payment, employees will be compensated for all hours worked. All time worked in callback status will be included when determining overtime eligibility; however, the two-hour callback payment will not be included when calculating overtime eligibility.

Regional campus chancellors will have the authority to establish callback pay exceptions for their respective campuses.

Questions may be directed to the appropriate Human Resources office:

* Human Resources: Compensation -- 49-40097.
* Human Resources: Housing and Food Services -- 49-49418.
* Human Resources: ITaP -- 49-62266.
* Human Resources: Physical Facilities -- 49-41421.

Regional campus employees should contact their campus Human Resources office for assistance.

The updated policy is available on the University Policies website at