CSSAC discusses creation of community service award

November 16, 2010

The Clerical and Service Staff Advisory Committee voted to continue studying a possible community service award for Purdue employees during its Nov. 9 meeting.
Representatives from CSSAC and the Administrative and Professional Staff and Clerical and Service Staff advisory committee have been meeting over the past several weeks to consider co-sponsoring an award for staff members who make significant contributions to the community outside the University.

The idea was proposed during a joint meeting of the two groups in October.

One of CSSAC’s representatives on the ad hoc committee, Ebony Barrett-Kennedy, said the committee is still going over criteria for the award. She also said they are still discussing what form the award would take, whether it would be a plaque, certificate or something else.

She and Dana Beck, the other CSSAC representative, said the ad hoc committee asked CSSAC and APSAC to make the panel a permanent committee if both groups wanted to go forward with the award.

After discussion, CSSAC member Gary Carter proposed that the group pass a resolution voicing support for the award but wait until more details about its criteria and form have been finalized before making the ad hoc committee permanent.

CSSAC members also voted to form another ad hoc committee to explore the possibility of working with groups, both on and off campus, to establish a place at Purdue that would provide food and clothing for those in need.

Barrett-Kennedy, CSSAC vice chair, said that due to the tough economy, some Purdue employees are in need of such assistance. It’s difficult for many of them, she said, to go to agencies that provide those services. The organizations are off campus and usually open during the day, when most employees are working.

She said that she and CSSAC member Daniel Winger had been meeting informally, and not as CSSAC representatives, with officials on campus about the idea.

Barrett-Kennedy said that co-sponsoring such an effort could be worthwhile for CSSAC.

Carter proposed that Barrett-Kennedy and Wenger comprise an ad hoc committee to study such an initiative.

After the vote in favor of the committee, emeritus member Alan Farrester also volunteered to serve on it.

In other business, the group learned that the shopping bus trip to Chicago on Dec. 4 is full. Terry Wade, of the Purdue Employees Activity Program, said that three buses are full and there are five people on a waiting list.