Initial and submit online 2011 benefit choices to finish enrollment process

November 11, 2010

Employees need to enter their initials and hit the submit button to finish the online enrollment process for 2011 benefits.
"If you've been in the online system and 'Saved and Exited,' remember to go back into the system and make your selections official by entering your initials and hitting 'Submit,'" says John Beelke, director of Staff Benefits.
An exception applies: Employees who don't make benefit changes and do not want a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) for 2011 do not need to complete the initial-and-submit process. However, these employees should still enter the new online system to verify that the info on record for them is correct and as they want it for 2011. 
Employees who want an FSA or HSA for 2011 must access the system, enter their desired contribution amount and complete the initial-and-submit process to have either of these benefits next year.

"Even if employees want to contribute the same amount to an FSA or HSA as they contributed in 2010, they need to enter the amount within the online system and complete the initial-and-submit process," Beelke says.
Staff Benefits is encouraging faculty and staff to enroll well before the Nov. 24 deadline. Enrolling sooner will allow employees to avoid high traffic on the online enrollment system, resulting in faster service, and will ensure that benefit ID cards and accounts are ready to go for the first of the new year.