Lineup of medical plan options stays the same for 2011; changes announced for two of three plans

October 21, 2010

Purdue faculty and staff will have three medical plan options to consider during enrollment for 2011: the Choice Fund with HSA, the Incentive PPO and the Purdue Copay. The same three options have been offered in 2010; however, two of the three have changes that will be effective in January.

Incentive PPO plan changes

* The pharmacy out-of-pocket maximum will increase by $300 per person per year, to a new maximum of $1,300. The family out-of-pocket maximum will increase by $600, to a new maximum of $2,600. 

* Coinsurance for in-network primary care office visits will increase from the current 10 percent to 15 percent. As in the past, no deductible will apply to these office visits.

* The in-network annual deductible will increase from the current $400 per person/$800 per family to a $500/$1,000 deductible.

* The maximum annual out-of-pocket cost for in-network care will increase from the current $1,800 per person/$3,600 per family to $2,000/$4,000.

* For out-of-network care, the annual deductible will increase to $1,000 per person/$2,000 per family and the out-of-pocket annual maximum will increase to $4,000 per person/$8,000 per family.

* The $400 maximum on preventive care benefits will be eliminated; preventive care benefits will now be unlimited.

Purdue Copay plan changes
* For in-network inpatient and outpatient hospital costs, a $250 per person/$500 per family deductible and a 15 percent coinsurance will be implemented. The maximum annual in-network out-of-pocket cost will be $1,200 per person/$2,400 per family.
* The pharmacy out-of-pocket will increase by $300 per person per year, to a new maximum of $1,300. The family out-of-pocket maximum will increase by $600, to a new maximum of $2,600.

* Copays for preventive care office visits and services will be eliminated. Preventive services will be provided without cost. 

Choice Fund with HSA has no changes for 2011.

When enrollment opens on Oct. 25, a premium chart and medical plan comparison table will be available on the Staff Benefits website at and through Purdue's new online benefits enrollment system.

A medical plan comparison tool will be provided through Enter the user ID "purdue2011" and the password "cigna".

Employees will receive an enrollment reference guide through campus mail instead of the large packets they have received in past years. The streamlined guide is one of the benefits of the new online enrollment process. Those who don't work on a campus, such as Extension Service staff, will receive the guide in their home mail. Numerous resources, provided to assist employees during enrollment, are outlined in the enrollment reference guide. 
Open enrollment runs through Nov. 12.