Changes made to building emergency plan

September 9, 2010

The Campus Emergency Preparedness and Planning Office in collaboration with Purdue Fire and Police departments and the Office of Institutional Equity has initiated changes to Purdue’s building emergency plan.

“These changes were made in order to reaffirm the University’s commitment to privacy and inclusion for all on-campus stakeholders,” says Jefferson Howells, assistant project director for the Campus Emergency Preparedness and Planning Office.

A Voluntary Assistance Registry for those requesting additional help during emergency situations was added. Necessary updates were made to BEP to maintain the plan’s accuracy and relevance for Purdue students, faculty and staff.

As part of the registry, individuals outline specific types of assistance they will need for on-campus emergencies. The registry is designed to assist all people with permanent and temporary disabilities whether or not the disability was previously identified.

Individuals who register should submit forms in person or via campus mail or U.S. mail to the Purdue Fire Department. These documents will be kept confidential.
To access the Voluntary Assistance Registry and the Building Emergency Plan presentation, visit