University undergoes information technology position review

August 27, 2010

The Purdue Campus Information Technology Plan, which was approved in April, called for an assessment of IT resources on campus and the relocation of those resources under the direction of the University chief information officer, Gerry McCartney.
To assist in determining where IT resources are allocated, the University has formed an advisory committee, which is being led by Kevin Vedder, assistant director for the HR Shared Service Center. The seven-person committee includes representatives from both IT and non-IT areas, as well as a faculty representative.
The review will focus on non-school and non-college areas and provide a recommendation by Sept. 30 as to whether designated positions should be defined and categorized as IT. Next will be follow-on work to look at existing positions under the University CIO to ensure that all IT positions are properly defined and categorized, Vedder says.

According to Vedder, the first task of the committee is also the most important: establishing common definitions for IT to use in evaluating positions as well as establishing standard IT position categories. 

"We want to get this right from the beginning before we move forward," he says.
Vedder says that several factors will be looked at in reviewing and evaluating positions. Input from staff and supervisors will be a key component.  

The campus-wide review was requested by Al Diaz, executive vice president for business and finance, treasurer, and Tim Sands, executive vice president for academic affairs and provost. Vedder was appointed to lead the review by McCartney, chief information officer, vice president for information technology and the Olga Osterle England Professor of Information Technology.

Questions about the review should be directed to Vedder at