PERF offers new investment options and enhanced online services

August 5, 2010

Public Employees' Retirement Fund (PERF) participants are now able to invest their annuity savings account (ASA) assets in a new lineup of investment options, including target date funds.

Target date funds are diversified investment options geared toward the date a person plans to retire. The funds automatically shift their asset allocation to become more conservative as the person nears retirement and desires less investment risk.

A full selection of other investment options, including the Guaranteed Fund, is also now available.

In addition to a new investment options lineup, PERF has rolled out these enhancements:

Upgraded online services: PERF Online, the secure member website, now offers additional tools and information to give participants greater control of their retirement benefits.

Daily annuity savings account updates: ASA balances are now updated online at the end of each business day. Previously, individual accounts were updated quarterly.

Investment changes: PERF participants can now make daily investment changes. Participants can change how current and future contributions are invested and transfer existing account balances to other investment options. Previously, participants had to submit investment changes a month before the end of a quarter for changes to be effective the next quarter.

E-mail updates from PERF: Participants who register their e-mail address will receive periodic updates on retirement planning and managing their benefits.

For more information, visit the PERF Web site at Click the Retirement Market icon on the left side of the page.