Strategic changes in store for purchasing University goods and services

July 29, 2010

In conjunction with Sustaining New Synergies, the Strategic Sourcing Task Force has completed its analysis of Purdue's purchasing function and related practices. As a result, Purchasing Services soon will introduce two initiatives designed to streamline Purdue's purchasing processes and leverage the University's procurement dollar.

First, the buying experience will be enhanced through the ongoing Strategic Sourcing initiative. The task force began by identifying strategic-provider relationships with suppliers of office products, copiers/printers, computers, custodial commodities and IT distributors.

"Purchasing Services, in concert with key stakeholder groups, has identified campus-wide strategies for these goods," Purchasing Director Larry Pherson said.

Purchasing Services will communicate the results of these strategic sourcing initiatives in August. The results will be available online on the Purchasing Services website.

The second initiative, coming in September, is the Internet-based BOILERMART. With access through SRM, BOILERMART will clearly identify the University's Showcase Suppliers' catalogs, and users should expect to quickly identify the best pricing for a quality product. Purchasing Services will host showcases to orient the user community to BOILERMART functionality throughout September. Orientation dates will be announced in Purdue Today and Business@Purdue News.
"In today's economy, leveraging Purdue's purchasing dollar is a prudent and necessary action," Pherson said. "Consequently, changes within Purchasing are forthcoming and will be released in waves over the next several months. We invite University staff to join with us to fully leverage Purdue's buying power."