Teaching excellence recognized with award presentations

April 28, 2010

The Celebration of Teaching Excellence on Tuesday (April 27) included the presentation of numerous awards to faculty and staff.

Five campus-wide teaching awards were bestowed, each academic area presented an award for excellence in teaching, and other honors were presented.

Murphy Awards

Five exceptional teachers were honored with 2010 Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Awards in Memory of Charles B. Murphy.

The Murphy Award is given annually in recognition of outstanding teaching in all phases of undergraduate instruction at the West Lafayette campus. The University's highest undergraduate teaching honor, the Murphy is accompanied by a $10,000 cash award and induction into Purdue's Teaching Academy, which provides leadership for the improvement of undergraduate, graduate and outreach teaching.

The 2010 winners are:

* Josh Boyd, associate professor of communication.

* Jean Chmielewski, the Alice Watson Kramer Distinguished Professor of Chemistry.

* Keith Dickson, associate professor of classics.

* Dimitrios Peroulis, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering.

* Paul Siciliano, associate professor of horticulture and landscape architecture.

Excellence in Teaching awards

College of Agriculture -— Richard L. Kohls Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award, to Paul C. Siciliano, horticulture and landscape architecture.

College of Consumer and Family Sciences — Mary L. Matthews Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching, to Amy R. Mobley, foods and nutrition.

College of Education — Outstanding Teacher Award, to Rebecca L. Mann, educational psychology and research methodology.

College of Engineering — A.A. Potter Best of Engineering Teaching Award, to W. Jason Weiss, civil engineering.

School of Health Sciences — Robert R. Landolt Award for Excellence in Teaching, to Jennifer Freeman, toxicology.

College of Liberal Arts — Excellence in Education Award, to Howard Mancing, foreign languages and literatures.

School of Management — Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher Award, to Joan Allatta, management.

School of Nursing — LaNelle E. Geddes Excellence in Teaching Award, to Polly Royal, nursing.

School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences — Dr. Aziz Outstanding Teaching Award, to Stanley L. Hem, industrial and physical pharmacy.

College of Science — Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award, to Jeffrey Beckley, mathematics.

College of Technology — James G. Dwyer Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching, to David L. Stanley, aviation technology.

School of Veterinary Medicine — Alumni Outstanding Teaching Award, to John A. Christian, comparative pathobiology.

Graduate School — Excellence in Teaching Award, to Jason E. Baumer, foreign languages and literatures; Elizabeth Munz, communication; George Pollock, aeronautics and astronautics.

Other awards

Provost's Award for Outstanding Faculty Mentors — Rebecca W. Doerge, statistics; Joseph Thomas III, pharmacy practice.

Class of 1922 Outstanding Innovation in Helping Students Learn Award — Timothy J. Newby, curriculum and instruction;
Peggy A. Ertmer, curriculum and instruction.

Distance Learning Excellence in Teaching Awards — Ellen Gundlach, statistics; Jane Frankenberger, Laura Esman and Brent Ladd, agricultural and biological engineering.

Advanced Graduate Teacher Certificate — Lisa Kiyomi Hanasono, communication; Angela D. Myracle, foods and nutrition; K. Andrew Richards, health and kinesiology.

Graduate Teacher Certificate — Jeffrey J. Alcoser, political science; Frances Joan Alvarez, chemistry; Amandine D. Aubry, management; Lisa Jemima Ayi-Bisah, foreign languages and literatures; Tannista Banerjee, economics; Abdulai Moomin Bapin, foreign languages and literatures; Brenda L. Berkelaar, communication; Megan E. Bucks, chemistry; Kristen M. Budd, sociology; Adrien Chauvet, physics; Katheryn Christy, communication; Te-Lin Chung, consumer sciences and retailing; Brooklyne Coulter, PULSe; Alhassan Dawuda, foreign languages and literatures; Erin F. Doss, communication; Monica R. Elmore, animal sciences; Muriel Gallego, foreign languages and literatures; Sarah Gretter, foreign languages and literatures; Calista E. Kelly, English; Myriam Larose, agronomy; Johana P. Lopez, organizational leadership and supervision; Ralph L. McLaury, chemistry; Erica A. Morin, history; Andrew Michael Muir, forestry and natural resources; Tamara Novakov, mechanical engineering technology; Hayaam Osman, mathematics; Deepak Kumar Pandey, physics; Heidi E. Parker, foreign languages and literatures; Mariya Pylypiv, consumer sciences and retailing; Ajith Rajapaksha, physics; Kapil Rajendra Raje, entomology; Andrea C. Rubiano, mathematics; Tony Russell, English; Lars Soderlund, English; Arvind Sriraman, mechanical engineering; Collette M. Thogerson, animal sciences; Nicholas A. Turiano, child development and family studies; Abigaile M. VanHorn, political science; Aurore R. Vernay, foreign languages and literatures; James Hanson Wirth, psychology; Yutao Yue, physics; Liang (Leon) Zeng, industrial engineering; Huanren Zhang, mathematics.

In addition, 76 graduate teaching assistants received awards.