Purdue Copay participants will receive new ID cards

April 15, 2010
In the next week, CIGNA will be mailing new medical ID cards to employees enrolled in the Purdue Copay Plan. Faculty and staff covered in the Purdue Choice Fund or Purdue Incentive plans will continue to use the cards they received at the beginning of the year.
Purdue Copay participants should watch their home mail for the new card and begin using it immediately when it arrives. The new card will show the plan's $15 copayment for an allergy injection. Medical providers depend on the information displayed on the ID card to know the proper copayment to charge plan participants.  
Families with four or fewer people will receive their cards in one envelope. Employees who have more than four people in the family who are covered by the plan will receive two or more envelopes containing ID cards.
Cards will start arriving during the week of April 19. Employees who haven't received a new card by May 8 should visit www.myCIGNA.com to request a replacement card. Visit the "Member Center" at the upper right-hand corner of www.myCIGNA.com and select "Print & Request ID Cards." Cards may also be obtained by calling CIGNA Customer Service at (800) 767-7141. CIGNA Customer Service is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
CIGNA will automatically reprocess claims for any Purdue Copay participants who have paid more than $15 in 2010 for an allergy injection. In these cases, the patient's doctor will receive additional payment for the injection, plus a new statement from CIGNA indicating that the copay is $15. If the doctor does not refund the overpayment, the employee should call the doctor's office and ask that the office mail a refund to the employee.
Purdue Copay participants may visit www.myCIGNA.com and select "Search Medical claims" on the home page to see when their claim was reprocessed and when the new check was mailed to the doctor.
For more information, call CIGNA Customer Service at (800) 767-7141.