Researchers in various studies looking for participants

March 4, 2010

Here is a list of research studies that currently are looking for study participants.

Hard-of-hearing people sought for study

Individuals over the age of 17 who either wear a hearing aid or have been told they need one are needed for a study investigating a novel approach to improve speech understanding using hearing aids. The study is being conducted by the Experimental Amplification Research (EAR) Laboratory at Purdue.

Participants will be paid $12 an hour for several one- or two-hour sessions.

Contact Jessica at 49-45956 or visit for more information.

The principal investigator is Joshua Alexander, assistant professor in the Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences.

Full-time employees needed for a study on work experiences
A Purdue study on the experience of work is looking for volunteers over the age of 18 who are employed full time. The primary investigator is Howard Weiss, professor of psychological sciences.
The study will investigate how employees experience work over the course of a week. Each participant will be asked to carry a Palm Pilot, provided by the researchers, for a work week and answer a  one- to two-minute questionnaire multiple times during each work day.
A brief questionnaire is required to determine eligibility for the study. Compensation will be $50 upon completion of the study. To participate, or for more information on the study, contact

Study on language processing in children

Second-graders are needed for a brain wave study looking at language processing in normal developing children.

Participants must be right-handed, native speakers of English, and currently in the second grade. Participants should have no history of speech, language, hearing or reading difficulties.

Children will participate in one or two sessions, each lasting 1.5 hours. They will receive $20 plus a prize at the end of each session. 

The study will take place in the Language Processing Lab of the Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences. The director of the lab is Christine Weber-Fox, associate professor of speech, language, and hearing sciences. 

For more information, contact Mandy Hampton Wray at or 49-62435.

Health effects of peanuts

Men and women ages 18-50 are needed by the Department of Foods and Nutrition for a study to examine the health effects of eating peanuts.
The principal investigator for the study is Richard Mattes, professor of foods and nutrition.
Participants must be in general good health and enjoy eating peanuts. Participation in the study involves seven visits over the course of 13 weeks.
Participants will receive $150 at the completion of the study.
For more information, contact Marion at

Married couples sought for diabetes study

Married adults age 50 and older with type 2 diabetes and their spouses are needed for a research study of the daily management of diabetes.

Participants will be interviewed in person, and then will complete an electronic diary on a laptop computer at the end of the day for eight consecutive days. Participants also will take a digital image of their evening meal and record the foods and beverages consumed at the meal for eight consecutive days. Participants will be paid for being part of the study.

The primary investigator is Melissa Franks, assistant professor of child development and family studies.
For more information, call the Center for Families at 49-49878.