Purdue plant, animal sciences papers cited in top 20 worldwide

September 21, 2010

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Purdue University is among the top international educational institutions with the most influence in plant and animal sciences research reports and reviews, according to rankings by Times Higher Education.

Purdue was ranked 16th in the number of times its research reports and reviews in plant and animals sciences were cited per paper from 1999 to 2009. Its 2,673 papers were cited 32,600 times during the period, averaging 12.2 citations per paper.

The rankings try to reveal the "heavy-hitters" based on influence per paper, not solely the number of research reports and reviews an institution produced, according to the report.

Institutions had to receive at least 25,000 citations during the period to be ranked. Forty of 887 institutions listed in the field of plant and animal sciences worldwide qualified.

"We are delighted to be ranked as No. 16 out of 887 institutions in terms of impact in plant and animal sciences," said Karen Plaut, associate dean of Purdue's College of Agriculture and director of Agricultural Research Programs. "Our intention is to continue to improve so that we can maximize our impact on the citizens of Indiana and the world." 

John Innes Center in the United Kingdom ranked first, with its 1,134 papers cited 42,568 times, an average of 37.54 citations per paper.

U.S. institutions accounted for 11 of the top 20, followed by two each for the U.K. and France and one each for Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia and Canada.

The rankings were based on data from the Essential Science Indicators database of Thomson Reuters. The database surveyed only journal articles indexed by Thomson Reuters. 

The weekly magazine Times Higher Education, based in London, reports on news and other issues involving higher education.

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