Faculty, staff, grad teachers honored at events

April 27, 2012
WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Two recent events at Purdue University celebrated excellence by faculty, staff and graduate students who teach.

The Faculty Awards Convocation on Thursday (April 26) included presentation of six campus-wide teaching awards, academic areas presented awards for excellence in teaching and other honors were presented.

Murphy Awards

Six exceptional teachers were honored with 2012 Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Awards in Memory of Charles B. Murphy.

The Murphy Award is given annually in recognition of outstanding teaching in all phases of undergraduate instruction at the West Lafayette campus. The university's highest undergraduate teaching honor, the Murphy is accompanied by a $10,000 cash award and induction into Purdue's Teaching Academy, which provides leadership for the improvement of undergraduate, graduate and outreach teaching.

The 2012 winners are:

* Dor Ben-Amotz, professor of chemistry.

* Nancy Gabin, associate professor of history.

* David Rollock, assistant professor of psychological sciences.

* Michael Melloch, professor of electrical and computer engineering.

* Teresa Taber Doughty, associate professor of educational studies.

* Brad Benhart, assistant clinical professor of building construction management.

Excellence in Teaching awards

College of Agriculture - Richard L. Kohls Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award to W. Scott Downey, agricultural economics.

College of Education - Faculty Teaching Award to Carrie Wachter Morris, educational studies.

College of Engineering - A.A. Potter Best of Engineering Teaching Award to Charles Krousgill, mechanical engineering.

College of Health and Human Sciences - Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Education to Christine Weber-Fox, speech, language and hearing sciences.

College of Liberal Arts - Educational Excellence Teaching Award to Keith Shimko, political science.

College of Liberal Arts - Departmental Educational Excellence Teaching Awards to Kenneth Ferraro, sociology; Patricia Sullivan, English.

Krannert School of Management - 2012 Salgo-Noren Outstanding Master's Teaching Award to John McConnell, management.

Krannert School of Management - 2012 Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher Award to Cliff Fisher, management.

Libraries - Annual Award for Excellence in Teaching to Lawrence Mykytiuk, libraries.

School of Pharmacy- Dr. Aziz Outstanding Teaching Award to Matthew Murawski, pharmacy practice.

College of Science - Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award to Rachael Kenney, mathematics.

College of Technology - James G. Dwyer Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching to Brad Benhart, building construction management.

College of Veterinary Medicine - Alumni Outstanding Teaching Award to Amy Fauber, veterinary clinical services.

Other awards

Provost's Award for Outstanding Graduate Faculty Mentor - Suresh Garimella, mechanical engineering; Robert Geahlen, medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology.

Class of 1922 Outstanding Innovation in Helping Students Learn Award - George Hollich, psychological sciences.

Continuing Education's Award for Excellence in Distance Learning - Erin Bowen, technology leadership and innovation; Liza Braunlich, Center for Food and Agricultural Business.

Inaugural Morrill Award - Victor Lechtenberg, Office of Engagement.

2012 Morrill Awards - R. Graham Cooks, chemistry; Mark Lundstrom, electrical and computer engineering; Eugene Spafford, computer science; Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth, human development and family studies.

Graduate teachers

On Wednesday (April 25), graduate students who have teaching roles were honored for outstanding achievement and completion of certificate requirements.

Excellence in Teaching Award - Samar Khirallah, basic medical sciences; Xiaojun Chen, curriculum and instruction; Cristyn L. Elder, English; Nicholas A. Turiano, human development and family studies.

Advanced Graduate Teacher Certificate - Adrien Alexis Paul Chauvet, physics; Rebecca Katherine Ivic, communication.

Graduate Teacher Certificate - Arthur Banton, African American studies; Anna L. Fahey, agronomy; Mirayda Torres-Avila, agronomy; Sarah A. Schrader, anthropology; Diana Steele, anthropology; Jennifer Gayle Studebaker, anthropology; Jennifer Michelle Drennan, biochemistry; Christie L. Eissler, biochemistry; Xuanhao Sun, biomedical engineering; Sara L. Yohe, chemical engineering; Michael Ryan Mack, chemistry; Lizhen Peng, chemistry; Lindsey B. Anderson, communication; Elizabeth Dorrance Hall, communication; Richard Ford Hamm III, communication; Christina Jones, communication; Jennifer S. Owlett, communication; Dorothy M. Snyder, communication; Elizabeth D. Wilhoit, communication; Robert D. Winkworth IV, computer and information technology; Jonathan E. Dunn, English; Krystyna Hyrczyk, horticulture and landscape architecture; Marie Christine Gerken, languages and cultures; Natalia Fontes de Oliveira, languages and cultures; Aída Valenzuela, languages and cultures; Christina Weiler, languages and cultures; Yujin Lee, nutrition science; Brian Besong, philosophy; Vernon W. Cisney, philosophy; Cyrus Marazban Vandrevala, physics; Pan Priscilla Lui, psychological sciences; Megan K. MacPherson, speech, language and hearing sciences.

In addition, 77 graduate teaching assistants received awards.