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Minority Engineering Program Est. 1974

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AAE student selected for inaugural Patti Grace Smith Fellowship, SpaceX internship

Moss is among 43 Black undergraduates selected for the inaugural Patti Grace Smith Fellowship, created in 2020 to “combat the longstanding and well-quantified under-representation of Black and African-American employees in the U.S. aerospace workforce.” The first fellowship class consists of first- or second-year students in bachelor’s or associate’s degree programs across the country.

Moss interviewed with several of the host companies — like its sister fellowship, the Brooke Owens Fellowship, the Patti Grace Smith Fellowship has partnerships with the nation’s leading space companies. Preparing for the interviews “almost felt like I was studying for a midterm,” Moss said.

But SpaceX was his top choice.

“It is literally a dream come true,” Moss said. “Though the Shuttle program was still active during my younger years, my most impactful memories are of watching SpaceX achieve what was once thought impossible. It still does not seem real — and likely won’t until I first step onto the factory floor.”  Read more: