Marketing Systems

Content marketing operations is a team within Purdue Marketing and Media that serves to help Purdue communicators create and disseminate content in an engaging and cost-effective manner. We manage the implementation and marketing aspects of various systems, including:

Enterprise Bulk Email (Delivra)

We manage the enterprise license and vendor relationship with Delivra. The Delivra enterprise license is intended for use of marketing-related emails sent by Purdue communicators. If you are interested in using Delivra in your area, please contact us at and we will arrange a time to meet with you. We will help you evaluate whether Delivra will meet your needs and if so, we'll go over account setup and pricing.

If you are already using Delivra, visit to access resources and sign up to receive email updates.

University Calendar (Active Data)

The University Calendar is currently maintained by the content marketing operations team. To request that an event be posted on the University Calendar follow the guidelines here. Purdue Conferences manages space reservations for events held at the University. Inquiries about space reservation can be sent to 

Our team is working with the University Calendar Committee to upgrade the system that hosts the University Calendar and to re-implement the calendar in a more efficient and effective manner. Click here to sign up to receive email updates from the content marketing operations team about the implementation process for the new University Calendar. Periodic updates will be sent to inform stakeholders about progress and opportunities to get involved.

Digital Signage Shared Playlist (Four Winds Interactive)

Content marketing operations oversees the shared playlist on the Four Winds Interactive digital signage system. The shared playlist runs on over 30 signs across campus. (Note: Not all of the Four Winds signs run  the shared playlist, and not all of the signs on campus are managed with Four Winds.) There is no fee to run a sign on the shared playlist.

All signs are subject to approval by the content marketing operations team, and must meet the following specifications:

To submit a sign for the shared playlist, please fill out this form. Requests will be reviewed within two business days of being submitted, please plan your submissions accordingly. Also note that your piece of content will only appear for 10 seconds at a time, so it is best to include only brief text, a graphic and a source for additional information (such as a webpage URL).

The Four Winds digital signage contract is handled through Purdue's SMARTtechnology initiative. To learn more about purchasing and/or installing Four Winds digital signs for your area, please visit the SMARTsigns page.