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Biofuels/Bioproducts Patents

"Heat Exchanger for Heat Recovery from High Solids Pretreated Slurries" (US 2011/0183379 A1)
Co-Inventors: Michael Ladisch, Brian Stater, Bradley Spindler

"Vapor Phase Dehydration of Aqueous Alcohol Mixtures" (US 4,345,973)
Co-Inventors: M. R. Ladisch and G. T. Tsao

"Acid Hydrolysis of Cellulose to Yield Glucose" (Austrlian Patent 521,560, UK Patent GB 2016,014B, Philippine Patent 15113, Canadian Patent 1,118,381)
Co-Inventors: G. T. Tsao, M. R. Ladisch and A. Bose

"Methods for Increasing the Yield of Fermentable Sugars from Plant Stover" (US 7,968,765)
Co-Inventors: W. Vermerris, M. R. Ladisch, and N. S. Mosier

"Heat Recovery from a Biomass Heat Source" (US 7,566,383)
Co-Inventors: R. Everett, J. Weiland, N. Mosier, M. Ladisch and G. Welch

"Processes for Treating Cellulosic Material" (US 5,846,787)
Co-Inventors: M. R. Ladisch, K. Kohlmann, P. Westgate, J. Weil and Y. Yang

"Process for Treating Cellulosic Materials and Obtaining Glucose Therefrom" US 4,281,063, (UK Patent GP 2,017,707B, Canadian Patent 1,118,380)
Co-Inventors: G. T. Tsao, M. R. Ladisch, C. Ladisch and T. Hsu

"Nontoxic Cellulose Solvent and Process for Forming the Same" (US 4,265,675)
Co-Inventors: G. T. Tsao, B. E. Dale and M. R. Ladisch

"A Substantially Non-Toxic Cellulose Solvent" (Philippine Patent 15126)
Co-Inventors: G. T. Tsao, M. R. Ladisch and B. Dale

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