Online Community Support Groups

Social Support: Getting And Staying Connected: Information and suggestions for staying connected to friends, family, and other important members of our social circle.
MHA’s Inspire Community: An online community where people can connect with others. MHA hosts a dedicated mental health community, but there are communities related to a variety of topics.
Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA)'s Online Support Groups: DBSA online support groups provide people living with depression and bipolar disorder a place to share experiences, discuss coping skills, and offer hope to one another. DBSA support groups are peer-led, meaning they are facilitated by someone living with a mood disorder. Currently, there are groups for peers, young adults, and friends and family members.
Lyf App: Lyf is a social media app where users share highly personal aspects of themselves without the fear of judgment. It's the one app where you can be yourself or write anonymously and people won't degrade or bring you down.
MHA’s support groups are now online via Zoom! Check their Facebook page for links and times.