Promoting LGBTQIA+ Student Success in the Classroom

Join us to learn how you can support LGBTQIA+ student academic success in the classroom. Despite reporting a higher rate of experiences which negatively impact their academic success, LGBTQIA+ students are as likely as their non-LGBTQIA+ peers to indicate a desire to seek an advanced degree. During this workshop, participants will explore strategies to help LGBTQIA+ thrive in the classroom.

A variety of classroom formats will be discussed including traditional, face-to-face, virtual, synchronous, asynchronous, and active learning. 

Participants will be able to:

  • Explain why inclusive practices in the classroom are essential to LGBTQIA+ student success
  • Describe at least two barriers which could negatively impact LGBTQIA+ academic performance
  • Identify strategies to support LGBTQIA+ student success in the classroom


This 60 minute workshop will be hosted live on Zoom. You will receive the Zoom link after you complete the registration process.

Who should attend this training?

This workshop is available for all faculty, staff, and students as well as people who are unaffiliated with Purdue University. People who live outside of Indiana are also eligible to participate.

This training will focus on creating inclusive learning environments for undergraduate students, but high school educators, adult educators, and faculty who teach graduate courses will be able to adapt the strategies to their respective context.

There is no cost associated with participating.

Training Schedule

Please refer back to this website for workshops offered in Summer 2022 and Fall 2022.

Training Prerequisites

You are not required to attend Safe Zone training in order to participate in this workshop, though it is strongly encouraged.

Due to the 60 minute format, there will be limited time to review foundational terms and concepts covered in Safe Zone training.