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Need To Learn Technology? The ITaP Student Trainers Can Help!

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Purdue University offers a lot of great software tools for faculty and students that can be used for course projects. The problem that may arise for faculty wanting students to create movies, graphics, or other deliverables for course projects may simply be that students are not familiar with tools needed to create those items.

This is where the ITaP Student Trainers can help!

The ITaP Student Training program offers free training on various software tools to students and faculty. During the time of a 50-minute course meeting, a Student Trainer can provide students with the basic knowledge of a software tool so those students can complete their assignment. For a 75-minute course, Student Trainers can provide not only a training session but also, on request of the course instructor, additional question and answer time for individual students in the course.

Each training session is a hands-on session, so training sessions held during class time may need to be held in a computer lab instead of the normal classroom. All students in the session will receive a handout, and any student missing class or needing additional instruction may schedule an individual help session with one of the Student Training staff.

Student Trainers currently provide training sessions on the following software tools:

Microsoft Office
(Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
InDesign Illustrator
Acrobat iMovie
GarageBand Windows Live Movie Maker
Audacity Gradient
Dreamweaver Adobe Connect


Additionally, other training sessions may be available on request. If you need a training session on a product not listed above, please contact the Student Trainers and request that session.

Student Trainers are also available to provide training sessions to recognized student organizations. Student organizations interested in providing professional development to its members as a whole, or who may need a few members trained in a technology to develop videos or materials to market their group may utilize the Student Trainers for this purpose. Additionally, Resident Assistants who would like to provide a program for their communities to develop new technical skills may also request a program from the Student Training staff.

Student Trainer sessions may be customized to meet the needs of attendees. For an audience that may know how to use Microsoft Word but may need some training on more advanced topics in Word, a training session can be developed to meet that need.

The ITaP Student Trainers are available throughout the fall and spring semesters, with limited availability in the summer. If you are interested in setting up a training session please fill out our training request form. For more information please email itaptrainers@purdue.edu and one of our training coordinators will answer any questions you may have.

Brett Creech
Educational Technologist

Adobe CS5.5 – What’s New!

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Recently I attended a series of seminars and workshops at Ascend Training in Chicago, where they discussed what is new in the Adobe CS 5.5 upgrade. Adobe has added some much needed updates to several of their tools, however not all tools received large updates. The applications receiving the biggest upgrades in this release are Flash, InDesign, and Premiere. DreamWeaver has also added some HTML 5.0 features that make it easier to prepare your code for the new standard. Below is a summary of what I feel are the more notable updates provided in 5.5.

Flash Professional:

Some of the nicest updates in Flash 5.5 are more efficient workflows for mobile development, enhanced layer control, and better overall CPU performance on mobile devices. One feature that is long overdue is the ability to to accurately control content scaling while resizing the stage. This feature automatically scales motion paths and time lines across scenes- saving developers a lot of time. A couple other notables are support for inverse kinematics pinning for character animation and more streamlined integration with Flash Builder (formerly Flex).


This upgrade for InDesign has made publishing much easier for eBooks using a smoother EPUB workflow allowing you to include refined typography and images that resize automatically to fit virtually any screen. Video and audio can also be added to your eBook reader applications as long as they support HTML5 video and audio. Also this upgrade has added features to help deliver publications that meet Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 standards. Apply accessibility features more easily to your publications and then check, adjust, and validate accessible PDF documents in Adobe Acrobat.


Added to this version of Premiere are some more professional features that make it easier to use and interact with other video editing units. Notable is the new new dual-system sound support capabilities that sync separately recorded field audio with your video, OMF and XML support for project exchange with Avid Pro Tools and other NLEs, and a new Media Encoder that makes it easier to output your work for PCs, smart-phones, tablets, and television. However it is now native 64-bit, which will cause issues with many users who have not switched their OS to 64-bit yet.

Also Adobe has released a new Creative Suite printing guide for Adobe CS5.5 that has some helpful tips.

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Effective Use of the Mouse Pointer When Training

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Have you ever been in a training class and looking at the instructors screen and can’t figure out where he/she is point with the mouse?

As an instructor if you want the class participants to see where your mouse pointer is, you can set the pointer to radiate circles. To activate the circles you use the CTRL key, but you have to set up the CTRL key to do this.

1. Start –> Settings –> Control Panel –> Mouse
2. Then choose the Pointer Options tab
3. And Check the box that says: Show location of pointer when I press the CTRL key

This helps the users focus on where you wanting them to focus on.