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Checking Your Qualtrics Survey Display on a Mobile Device

Since mobile devices are often the access point for email, it’s logical to assume that someone might view your survey link on a mobile device. Checking to see if your questions will display properly is an easy thing to do. First you … Continue reading

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Setting Email Triggers for Qualtrics Online Surveys

Qualtrics, as an online survey tool, is useful for creating a survey link that you may post to a website.  We often set up those web links for students to submit requests for assistance or information.  An easy way to … Continue reading

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Confluence as an Alternative Learning Management System

Recently, a faculty member commented to one of my colleagues and I that Blackboard was simply “too much” for things he wanted to do within his course.  That got me thinking as to why someone might consider Blackboard Learn to … Continue reading

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Never Overlook the Value of Communication When Teaching Online

I’ve been teaching online at an institution other than Purdue for about 7 years now.  During the Fall 2013 semester, a student commented to me that they really appreciated the amount of communication I had with them during the semester.  … Continue reading

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Qualtrics Offers New Features for Mobile Compatibility Checker, Multi-Click Heat Maps, Goals Lines for Graphs and More…

Qualtrics recently added a series of features that you will see listed as you log into Qualtrics, along with links to instructions and tutorials. To review a few of those features, let’s start with the Mobile Compatibility Checker.  This checker … Continue reading

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Considerations of Accepting Homework in Blackboard

If you’re considering accepting homework via Blackboard Learn, this can be a benefit to both you and and your students.  You can reduce the amount of paper that you need to work with by accepting your assignments electronically, and your … Continue reading

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Taking Care When Setting Up Your Class in Blackboard Learn

For faculty who are utilizing Blackboard Learn to either supplement an existing face-to-face class or who teach a class entirely online, one aspect that is easy to overlook is the look and feel of the class.  For faculty using Learn, … Continue reading

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Maintaining Security on Blackboard Learn Exams

Blackboard Learn offers the ability for faculty to provide tests and quizzes that students can complete outside of normal class hours, or in the case of online or blended courses, the tests and quizzes given on Blackboard can replace those … Continue reading

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