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Thoughts on Adding Technology to Blend Courses

This Spring, I made a decision to enroll in a Blended Learning course sponsored by EDUCAUSE called “Becoming a Blended Learning Designer”. This MOOC requires participants to complete the course in six weeks, and during that time participate in discussions, … Continue reading

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Discussion Board, Blog, or Wiki… How do I choose?

A frequent question that comes up is what the difference is and how to decide which tool to use for activities in a course – discussion boards, blogs, wikis, or journals.  The tools are similar in some ways, allowing students … Continue reading

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Confluence as an Alternative Learning Management System

Recently, a faculty member commented to one of my colleagues and I that Blackboard was simply “too much” for things he wanted to do within his course.  That got me thinking as to why someone might consider Blackboard Learn to … Continue reading

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Social Pedagogies and CourseNetworking at Purdue University

Purdue is currently collaborating with CourseNetworking (CN) to explore the possibility of offering faculty an alternative learning management system (LMS) that requires little administration and allows first-time users to quickly create courses independently. This light-weight LMS uses a familiar interface … Continue reading

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“Disruptions” in Technology?

Contemporary buzz words abound, especially that of “disruption” or “disruptive innovation” in information technology. The supposed disruption is covered widely in the popular and trade media, technology conferences, and, naturally, the blogosphere.* Like all buzz words, though, have we lost … Continue reading

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To Flip or Not to Flip: Musings on Flipping the Classroom

Recently, you might have seen this infographic on flipping the classroom. If not, read through it, then come back to this post. Go ahead. I’ll wait. This post won’t make much sense otherwise (unless you’re already familiar with the concept of … Continue reading

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Setting up Duxbury Braille Translator in the Assistive Technology Center

The Duxbury Braille Translator is now available for users of the Assistive Technology Center.  There are some specifics to setting up the Duxbury Braille Translator (DBT) required before translating documents.  Make sure to set up the embosser before opening or … Continue reading

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Technology Empowers

At one time, people with disabilities were not welcome in society. They were put in institutions or kept hidden at home. I was thinking about this recently while I observed this scene: I was traveling in a car with several … Continue reading

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