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Using Mobile Device Logic and Tracking in Qualtrics Surveys

Qualtrics online survey software, provided to faculty, staff and students at Purdue, is providing more options for mobile device display choices and tracking. We often want to know these days whether someone is accessing our survey from a mobile device … Continue reading

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Need To Learn Technology? The ITaP Student Trainers Can Help!

Purdue University offers a lot of great software tools for faculty and students that can be used for course projects. The problem that may arise for faculty wanting students to create movies, graphics, or other deliverables for course projects may … Continue reading

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Digital Learning Badges at Purdue

Studio by Purdue is proud to announce Passport, a digital badge learning platform developed here at Purdue University. Passport allows instructors to create challenges that a student can complete to earn badges. Purdue’s Passport platform integrates with Mozilla Open Badges. … Continue reading

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Morning Musings: Did Apple just kill the CD?

MG Siegler over on TechCrunch has been chronicling his experience with picking up a new Macbook Air.  One of the startling revelations Siegler has proposed is that of Steve Jobs and Apple killing the CD/DVD for the computer industry with the introduction of … Continue reading

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Morning Musings: FaceTime(beta) now available for Macs! Are you going to use it?

Officially launched yesterday shortly after their ‘Back to Mac’ release keynote, Apple has launched a beta release of FaceTime for Mac computers (Snow Leopard or higher).  The popular FaceTime video chat protocol was previously available for iPhone 4 and new … Continue reading

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Morning Musings: Apple is releasing the iPad on Verizon!

Good news for anyone looking to use the iPad on Verizon’s 3G network!  Apple and Verizon have just announced a partnership in releasing the iPad for Verizon Wireless customers this holiday season and bringing an end to AT&T exclusivity of … Continue reading

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Morning Musings: RIM jumps into the tablet world with the BlackBerry PlayBook

Research In Motion (RIM) has unveiled their answer to Apple’s iPad; The BlackBerry Playbook.  Touted as the first enterprise ready professional tablet, RIM has pulled out all the stops to truly give the iPad and the tablet market a good … Continue reading

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Morning Musings: iTunesU hits 300 million downloads

Launched in 2007, iTunesU has quickly become a leading tool for participating institutions to upload, manage, and share custom course content online.  Over 800 Universities around the world have joined Apple to create one of the world’s most popular, and prolific online … Continue reading

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