Setting Email Triggers for Qualtrics Online Surveys

Qualtrics, as an online survey tool, is useful for creating a survey link that you may post to a website.  We often set up those web links for students to submit requests for assistance or information.  An easy way to know that a student has submitted a survey is to set up an email trigger for the survey within Qualtrics.  Instead of logging into Qualtrics to check your responses, you will get an email with the response data in it each time a student submits the form or survey. If you prefer to see your data in the normal reporting views within Qualtrics, it will collectively be there as well.  Another advantage to the email triggers, is that the email allows you to retain a copy per submission for a student’s individual file.  Requests for accommodations is one use case that comes to mind.

Let’s look at how to set up an email trigger.

  • Go to the Edit Survey view.
  • Click in the upper right on your Advanced Options menu button (shown below).
  • Select Triggers, then Email Triggers.
Advanced Options, then Triggers, then Email Trigger

Advanced Options Menu in the Edit Survey page4.

  • The email form appears with your email address in the TO box.  You may change that if needed.
  • You may add a FROM name or a default Qualtrics one will be used.
  • Defaults for “Send Immediately” and “Include Response Report” are already selected.
  • If you would like to add “Show Full Question Text”, you may select that as well.
  • Click the “Save Triggers” button in the bottom right.

Additional information on Qualtrics triggers may be found at this website,

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