Adding Captions to a Video in Blackboard Using Kaltura

Intended for use by all Purdue University campuses.

These instructions presume that you (the person adding the captions) have already uploaded the video into Blackboard or Kaltura. (Only the person who uploaded the video will be able to add captions.) In addition, you must already have a caption file in .SRT or .DFXP format.

Select login link. It may be listed as (login.

  • Login using your career account username and password.
  • Select My Media.

Select My Media link

  • You will see a list of media previously uploaded.
  • Roll your mouse over the video getting captions, then select Edit.

select Edit link on mouseover

If you don’t use a mouse, select the link that is the title of the video. Then select the Edit link.

  • Select the Captions tab.

Select the Captions tab. This may require searching for a list of 3 items: Details, Options, Captions.

  • Select Upload file.

select Upload File link

  • The Upload caption file dialog box opens.

The Upload caption file dialog box does not receive focus from screen reader. Search for the Language combo box to give it focus.

  • Click on the Browse button to select a caption file to upload. The file must be in SRT or DFXP format.
  • Select the Language of the caption text from the drop down list. Type the first letter of the language you wish to select to move quickly through the long list.
  • Type a Label. This text will appear in a caption selector window when the video is ready for viewing. “Captions”, “Closed Captions”, or “English Captions” are some options for a label.
  • Select Save.
  • Select < Back to media.

Select link marked <Back to media

  • Captions should now be turned on. To check, mouse over the video window. In the upper right corner, the captions label you typed in earlier should be visible or partially visible.

caption selector window shows the caption label

  • If the label says None when you mouse over, then captions are not turned on. You may turn on captions by clicking on None.
  • A menu appears. Select the captions label you typed in earlier.

caption selector window shows None and English captions as options

  • Captions are now turned on.

Captions showing on screen

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