Kindle eBooks and accessibility with a Screenreader

Recently I have been asked a few questions about using Amazon kindle eBooks with a screenreader.  I have had to do some research to answer questions and I have been surprised at some of the things I have discovered.

There is a version of the Kindle Reader for Windows that is accessible with a screenreader.  This is not the version that is commonly available for download.  The Kindle Reader with Accessibility can be downloaded from .    Make sure to notice the list of keystrokes on this page.  The Kindle Reader for Windows with Accessibility does not use the standard Windows keystrokes for navigating within the program.  It is very difficult to open and navigate eBooks without using the Kindle Reader for Windows keystrokes.

I was very pleasantly surprised at the accessibility of the Kindle Reader app for the iPad/iPhone.  The standard app that can be downloaded from the App Store seems to work quite well with VoiceOver.  The gestures are also common with the other apps on the iPhone/iPad.

I was very pleased that I could purchase a book on the Kindle Store and read it using a combination of my iPhone and PC.

David Schwarte


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