DropBox to Pages and Back Again on an IOS Device

I have frequently used Pages on either my iPhone or iPad for taking notes, for reading documents, or for minor editing.  One issue I have always had with using Pages is that it was somewhat challenging to get documents in and out of it.  I usually resorted to e-mailing myself the document.  About a year ago DropBox added the ability to open a MS Word document in Pages.  This dramatically reduced the amount of e-mailing I had to do to myself.  About a month ago I discovered that Pages has added the ability to open a document in another app.  DropBox is one of the options when using the function.  This added feature has made it much easier for me to store my documents in DropBox and edit them on either a computer or mobile device.

One can open a DropBox file in Pages by finding file in DropBox. After selecting the file, select the Export button.  Finally, select the Open In button.  Moving a document from Pages back to DropBox is a similar process.  Start by opening the file in Pages.  Select the Tools button.  Select Share and Print, Select Open in Another App, Select an output format.  Finally, select the name of the document and DropBox as the app the file should be Opened in.  DropBox will now be opened, and it will be possible to save the document.

I recently attended a conference where my laptop became non-functional.  The above process made it easier for me to take notes.  When I returned, I was able to open the Notes in MS Word, proofread them, and Spellcheck them.  I have a tendency to make spelling errors while listening to a presentation, so the ability to proofread and spell check in a full-featured word processor, such as Microsoft Word, was very helpful.

David Schwarte

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